The Pioneer Trails Regional Planning Commission
serves as a cooperative of the local governments in our four-county region to coordinate and prioritize community development needs within the region

Located in Concordia, MO, Pioneer Trails RPC offices lie in the middle of the west central Missouri counties of Johnson, Lafayette, Pettis and Saline. The Pioneer Trails staff works with surrounding local governments to promote and implement planning activities to coordinate and facilitate economic development, homeland security, and transportation improvements. Staff also provides mapping services to the communities throughout the region.

Economic development

PTRPC program goals include support of regional economic growth and resilience by assisting regional communities and development organizations

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Member Communities

The Pioneer Trails Region member communities has forty (40) incorporated cities within its four counties of Johnson, Lafayette, Pettis, and Saline

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Homeland Security

Pioneer Trails Regional Planning Commission is the lead RPC for the Region A (Rural) Regional Homeland Security Oversight Committee

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Pioneer Trails Regional Planning Commission has organized a Transportation Advisory Council offering many valuable resources for our members

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GIS Services

Missouri State Data Center and maintains an extensive and current compilation of a significant amount of demographic information

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