Johnson County, Missouri is home to the Whiteman Air Force Base (WAFB) – a key asset to the community. The unincorporated county is rich in agricultural operations and rural environments, though the past decades have seen an increase in rural residential subdivision development. While this development pattern has occurred in various locations around the county, some has occurred in proximity to the WAFB property and operation. Encroachment of WAFB has been fairly limited; however, not all land adjacent to the base is subject to land use regulations.

Commission members hold public meetings quarterly at the Knob Noster City Hall, 201 N. State St. Knob Noster, Mo. Notices of the meetings are posted below and at City Hall, at Johnson County Commission and at Pioneer Trails Regional Planning Commission offices. The MAZC also coordinates with the Mo. Military Preparedness and Enhancement Commission and the Whiteman Area Base Coordinating Council as a partner for prudent development

Notice of Clarification of Yates Property

 2015 Approved  Military Airport Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations

 Navy’s Guidelines for Sound Insulation of Residence Exposed to Aircraft Operations

Owner Disclosure Statements for Properties within Whiteman Air Force Base Airport Zoning Area

Whiteman Air Force Base Zoning Viewer
  Meeting Summaries

February 13, 2023

May 9, 2023

August 8, 2023

November 30, 2023

February 13, 2024

Future development has the potential to encroach on the base in unincorporated areas of Johnson County. Not properly managed, such development could possibly create challenges for WAFB operations.

Cooperative land use planning and development management between the County and WAFB should be encouraged to help maintain the operational function of WAFB. Assistance in strengthening local defence community resilience is coordinated with Whiteman Area Leadership Council (WALC), Missouri Military Preparedness and Enhancement Commission (MMPEC) and the Dept. of Defense.

Purpose: These efforts should focus on only the necessary restrictions to allow for the safe and secure daily activities of both the public and government.

OBJECTIVE: The primary objective is to minimize encroachment to the military installation while minimizing the impact on daily activities for both the public and government.


  1. To provide encroachment protection for WAFB through limiting population density, height restrictions, safety and communications issues.
  2. To establish reasonable limits on acreage minimums for the purpose of single family or multifamily residential construction.
  3. To address sound and height concerns as they relate to WAFB for both the general public and government.
  4. To address construction concerns of sound deadening and foundation vibration.
  5. To establish buyer and seller protection on properties through disclosure statements.

Zoning Application